Standard bathroom mirrors are typically 1/4 inch thick, up to 6
feet tall & up to 10 feet long.  At this time, we are only able to
handle a mirror that is no larger than 8 feet by
5 feet.

Mirrors can be beveled (1/2" to 1 1/2"), polished, or seamed

Mirrors can be mounted to your wall using clips, mirror mastic
(glue), or J-mold (required when no back splash is present to
support the weight of the mirror).  We do not sell or install
frames and will not install mirrors into frames of any type that
are permanently mounted to a wall.  We will of course sell and
deliver mirrors to home owners looking to install the mirrors
themselves.  Please keep in mind when ordering a mirror for
your frame, even with a flat polished edge, that the tolerance is
plus or minus 1/16".  It would be wise to measure the opening
and deduct 1/8" (or more in some cases) to account for out of
square conditions.  We do not recommend caulking around the
sides of a mirror going into a frame, especially in a bathroom.

Entire walls can be mirrored by attaching metal J-mold to the
studs in the wall, or if strong wood molding that is at least 3/8"
deep on top currently exists.

Mirrored walls can often be expensive, do to the quantity of
mirrors involved, but we will work with you to keep the cost at a
minimum.  For example if you are looking mirror a 12 foot wide
wall that is 8 feet tall (our maximum), we would use one 12 foot
length of J-mold with three mirrors (4 feet wide by 8 feet tall)
with flat polished edge to keep a nice seam.  This example would
cost about $800.  Using shorter mirrors in this case would be a
good way of cutting down on costs.
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